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. Hello there!

Welcome to glass_icons. This community is the icon and graphics community of jellostar. Updates are completely random. There are some months where updates are more stable and others where they are very hit and miss. Just depends on what sort of time I have. It is fairly common for updates to either include or be nothing but icons from challenge communities I belong to. Set themes and deadlines are helpful at times. :)

. Information

At glass_icons you will find icons from a lot of Disney cartoons as well as My Little Pony, She-Ra, Roswell, Moonlight, non-Disney cartoons, actors, musicians, song lyrics / quotes and stock

. Guidelines and Rules

No direct or hot linking.
No editing. My icons are not bases.
Comments are lovely but not required.
Credit is greatly appreciated.
Please credit either glass_icons or jellostar.
Please do not claim my icons as your own.

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